What is Mu-Ka?

Mu-Ka is the German abbreviation of “Mutter-Kalb-Haltung”, which translates mother-calf-rearing or dam-rearing.

The dam rearing method is a type of calf rearing in the dairy industry in which the newly born calves are not separated from their mother. The calves stay with their mother, can suckle milk from her and are raised in a loving and devoted manner by their mother. As opposed to the suckler cows in the meat industry, the cows in the dam rearing method are still milked and this milk is sold or further processed. Unfortunately, the dam rearing method is hardly prevalent and there are only a few dairy farms which let the calves suckle from their mothers. On the following map you can find an overview of farms which apply the dam rearing method and the sales points of their products.

Locations of dam rearing farms and points of sales in Switzerland

dam-rearing farms dam-rearing farms in transformation Points of sales of dam-rearing products​ dam-rearing gastronomy

* All information is based on self-declaration of the farms / shops. mu-ka.ch cannot be held responsible for incorrect information.